Defence Certified Computers
Primary Network Products (UK) Limited

Terms and Conditions of sales

Our company policy enables us to trade with a wide variety of customer types and industries as approriate. Credit accounts are granted to those customers who meet our strict credit scoring criteria or a pre-payment basis will prevail.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility ensures we only trade with parties or organisations who meet this charter. We abide by the rules laid down by the HM Treasury and Export Control Organisation relating to current arms embargoes and other restrictions. Sanctions are restrictions on exports implemented for political reasons by countries and international organisations to maintain international peace and security.

All orders accepted by our company will be based on our current Terms and Conditions of Sale, copy below.

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Our suppliers are essential to our success as a business and we aim to create an environment to enable a successful relationship to be created which works for both parties. Our suppliers are viewed as our partners and many have been working with us for over 15 years. We treat all suppliers professionally and with respect. Wherever possible we look to our partners to add value to our business and in return we aim to support them with flexible scheduling or payments.

Occasionally, there are opportunities to vary the specific terms of a purchase order to the benefit of both ourselves and our partner. In such cases this will be confirmed in writing. In all other cases, our Standard Terms and Conditions will prevail at all times.

All orders accepted by our company will be based on our current Terms and Conditions of Purchase, copy below.