Defence Certified Computers

Environmental Testing

Shock | Vibration | EMC | MIL-STD | Tempest | Lloyds |

All of our engineering and design is based on our products achieving some or all of the above standards. Our extensive knowledge of testing our computers and related products enables us to engineer and design a product which will have to perform under extreme conditions.
Careful attention is paid to how a product will react to a shock wave or vibration when on board ship and our engineers place considerable emphasis on these areas when designing our computers before testing them in the lab.
Some of our computers are required to be Tempest tested by our end –users and this is an important aspect which we aim to incorporate in the design.
Combined with the rugged nature of our products means we can design to be compliant to MIL-STD when required.

In all cases we design and build to achieve these demanding standards and we use independent test centres to conduct the extensive tests necessary before we receive certification.