Defence Certified Computers
Primary Network Products (UK) Limited


Design and planning

We have extensive in-depth technical knowledge and draw on many years’ experience with defence projects.

We are very familiar with the integration and application of our computers into the defence industry and we understand how important this is when networking computers onboard ship and connecting to network devices and legacy equipment.

All Louvar ZX series and Generation 8 computers are designed on stable hardware platforms and we work closely with our customers during the integration process.

We support the integration process and deal with the challenges along the way. Using a carefully selected combination of industrial grade components, with some of them being whichspecifically adapted to our needs, we are able to achieve a successful level of stability and performance.

Whilst every customer project is different, our ability to modify and adapt, provides for a more stable platform and the inclusion of additional security features helps to keep it robust.


Final solution and product life management

Once the solution is finalised, the build may be locked down so as not to introduce any risk of performance variation. All components, eg motherboards, pcb’s, hard drives etcall are built with a fixed BOM (bill of materials) and the whole process is carefully managed and controlled by ourselves.

We actively manage every part and every supplier to ensure a clear roadmap for a long lifespan for the product can be achieved.  Advance notice for product EOL is co-ordinated and communicated to our customers so there can be successful introduction of new parts when and as required.

Our aim is to deliver a stable solution to give many years of availability and service without the need to keep re-testing whilst at the same time developing the net product or generation to seamlessly take its place.


custom design

Bespoke engineering

Tempest approved power supply enclosure

Full access to all ports was essential

Maximum airflow required at front to assist with cooling

This case had to fit around other equipment

Custom design case to enable fitting into a challenging space

Full airflow had to be maintained

Another custom case required to fit a space with other equipment present

Access to the rear ports

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