Defence Certified Computers
Primary Network Products (UK) Limited

Corporate Vision


To design and build specialist computers and related products which deliver significant benefits thus improving the quality, safety,  and ultimately, the security of the people they serve.

Core Values

  1. Support and protect our customers by designing feature rich products to meet their needs.
  2. Be professional at all times and always maintain a high level of integrity.
  3. Be passionate and determined in everything we do.
  4. Reduce the impact on the environment at every opportunity we can.
  5. Conduct our business responsibly for the benefit of our stakeholders.

Key Business Objectives

To help us maintain our Company goals we follow these five Business Objectives:

  1. Ensure high quality customer service and satisfaction.
  2. Growth and profitability to create company stability to enable product development and longevity.
  3. Continuous quality improvement in every area of the business.
  4. High standards of production to ensure consistent quality of product. Target is zero failures.
  5. Increase customer base by communicating our skills and knowledge through connecting with more customers.

Primary Networks is a highly focussed business with a clearly defined mission.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The company aims to conduct business through its suppliers and customers and is committed to Environmental and Social Accountability practices which are compliant with internationally recognized ethical standards.
When considering business with a new customer or supplier, the following are carefully considered and if in the event of a conflict then other options are considered.

  1. The outputs of this activity must not be used to progress or support unethical practices.
  2. The activity must not have the potential to do harm to any individuals or groups.
  3. The activity does not have the potential to do harm to vulnerable adults or children.
  4. The activity cannot potentially have detrimental impacts on the environment, its people, those of its own employees or of its business partner, or others involved in the transaction.
  5. The undertaking of this activity must not infringe the human rights of any individual, or be contrary to Primary Networks’ Equality duty?
  6. The business activity must not have the potential to bring the company, or its employees, into disrepute.
  7. We can determine the provenance of supply of parts or services.
  8. The business being sought / conducted must do so with an ethical partner.
  9. We have a strict zero tolerance code of not tolerating bribery and corruption in our business and our business dealings with others.
  10. We are committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business activities and we enforce effective systems to counter bribery.

Culture and Behaviour

We believe in fostering an environment where a group of individuals can work together in collaboration to meet the Vision and Key Business Objectives of the company. These include:

  1. A friendly atmosphere where people feel their views are valued.
  2. A healthy respect for differences of opinion and a belief that these differences will sometimes provide a better outcome.
  3. Teamwork and co-operation is essential .
  4. Positive attitude at all times.
  5. Powerful reasoning and analysis within a team environment.
  6. Lateral thinking to deliver the desired solution.
  7. Pride in our work.
  8. Celebrate our achievements.
  9. Collective ownership of a project.
  10. Awareness of our Investors in People achievement and always looking at ways to improve and reach higher.

Business Trust

Primary Networks have many years of invaluable experience in designing and building products. We take the time to listen and understand exactly what is required as, in our opinion, this is the only way we can be sure to design the right product for the application.

We make prototypes and perform rigorous testing procedures to correct any problems before we commence manufacturing. Customers then add their applications and they are ready to go.

“Our customers trust us because we will deliver a high quality, fully tested solution.”

All our products have these common values:

  1. Highest quality products, rich in features.
  2. Exceptional reliability through proven design, selection of quality components, rigorous testing and consistent manufacture.
  3. Designed to last – despite the demanding environments our products operate in. Longevity and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) are always top of our brief.
  4. Full support through a dedicated support team and a skilled a knowledgeable workforce. Spare parts are typically held for a minimum of 5 to 7 years to ensure maximum product life and an exceptional IRR.

The result?

“Delivery of a tailored, fully tested and reliable product means customers trust Primary to be their partner of choice.”