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Environmental Policy


Compliance Standards and Directives

Designing and building products to comply with the numerous standards and legal directives is an immense challenge. Our products are used in a multitude of typically niche applications and there are many criteria to be included in the design brief during the design and production process.

All our products have to undergo rigourous testing to meet some or all of the following:

IP rating

Building products to these standards is our speciality and our engineers are highly experienced in these areas. Different customer applications require an underlying set of compliance and are dependent on the intended market and use, eg, defence, security, maritime etc.

Independent Certification

Most of our testing involves close co-operation with specialist, accredited test houses where we have extensive working relationships. We work in partnership with them to determine the results and interpret the machine characteristics and then we modify or alter the design accordingly ensuring we don’t do anything to affect any of the other test criteria. Our considerable knowledge in these areas enables us to prepare test plans to facilitate the necessary analysis.

The successful results re then certified and validated and this information is presented to our customer to support the build specification of our product.

Green credentials

Today. More than ever, we all want to play our part in being green and at Primary we consider this in the widest possible sense. At the forefront will be considerations such as low power consumption, auto switching or shutdown, low fans speeds and low heat generation and effective ways of dissipation. But we also check to see if it meets our Environmental Policy to include areas such as components must not contain hazardous materials (RoHS) and packaging must be recycled wherever possible.

Designing our products to have longevity is another key area so product replacements are less frequent and incorporating the ability to upgrade at every opportunity gives the customer more options when considering a change.

In this way we try to supply green equipment at every available opportunity.

WEEE Compliance – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

With many of our products either being integrated into customers’ own systems or being supplied to a defence customer where the return of the product is not possible, we consider WEEE compliance from a number of perspectives to offer an adaptable approach.

In many cases where it is not practical or possible to have the equipment returned our customers often choose to deal with WEEE disposal themselves. Alternatively we may assist them by organising recycling via our compliance scheme,

We recognise how important it is that all our products are re-used or recycled in an environmentally responsible way, once they reach the end of their useful life.

RoHS Compliance – Restriction of the Use of Hazardous Substances

The products we design and build are all fully compliant with the RoHS Regulations and we do not specify any components which are not compliant. Our ISO 9001 QMS states that we must ensure we maintain compliance with this legislation.

CE Compliance

All the products we build meet the CE standard and all carry the CE marking.

Safety Certificates

Again, all the products we build have a valid safety certificate and report to say that it meets the required safety standards.