Defence Certified Computers
Primary Network Products (UK) Limited

About us

Primary Networks design, manufacture and test specialist products for stringent/critical//tough/demanding environments where demanding/challenging levels of performance and certification need to be met. Our extensive knowledge in the defence and security sector, especially Naval and Maritime, enables us to understand the demands facing our customers in specialist areas such as shock, vibration, EMC filtration and power filtration, Tempest and DefStan.

Primary is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and quality is at the centre of everything we do. We have embraced and passed the Investors in People Award for the last 9 years and working to this standard makes us focus on receiving input from our team.

Our designers aim to engineer all our products to be feature rich, high in performance and low in maintenance. We have customers’ budgets always in mind so we carefully consider the choice of components which will deliver a long product life and a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The company offers products in a niche, specialist market that the traditional computer manufacturers or suppliers do not operate in due to the unique and challenging demands the products must meet. Such mass market manufacturers do not employ this depth of expertise in the specialist engineering disciplines as the business model is very different. This is where Primary thrives/ specialise and we bring years of knowledge and expertise to deliver a highly engineered product to our customers.

We offer only CE approved products and our Compliance and Engineering departments ensure our full compliance to the WEEE and RoHS legislation.

Over the years the company has seen a strong interest in COTS (Commercially off the Shelf) PC related technology in the defence and security, engineering and industrial applications. However, there is a very high cost of delivering such solutions as in most cases an ‘off the shelf’ commercial solution in our experience delivers the right solution. For this reason we look to select industrial rated components to work alongside standard products and this combination enables us to deliver a high specification system with increased reliability and longevity.

The manufacturing and design is all based in the UK where we have fully trained staff who build and test the systems. Every machine we build undergoes a rigorous set of tests to ensure every aspect is functioning correctly before we release it. Working closely with our excellent partners in conjunction with our experienced Project Managers our flexibility enables us to gear up as needed to ensure delivery deadlines are met.

Primary specialises in ‘lock down builds where a strict ‘one design build’ ensures every machine is identical with no change in any components, the manufacturer, capacity, product specification etc. Every machine from the first to the last is built this way and a full audit trail of every component is kept.

Designed and built for demanding environments and specialist testing, our products are in demand from defence and security agencies where they are used in critical applications such as communications, public safety, utilities and maritime.