Defence Certified Computers
Primary Network Products (UK) Limited

Business Capabilities

We consider one of our greatest strengths is that we care passionately about our customers. The nature of our business demands a close relationship to ensure we deliver the right solution. We work hard and methodically to ensure a smooth process is achieved through manufacture and test so the final product is delivered punctually and on budget.

Every new build is of paramount importance to us and regular updates are provided at key stages with the option for inspection if this is required.

“Our experience and knowledge ensures a high quality solution is delivered every time.”

We Excel In Delivering Optimal Solutions.

  • Successful Customer Experience

    Listening to our customer is a crucial part of any design brief and only then can we add our input and guide the process. Our purpose is to create a design which will meet all of the criteria and to date we are pleased that we have many happy customers who have had an excellent experience with working with us.

  • Excellent Supplier Working Relationships

    Our suppliers are a vital part of our supply chain from design to production and, as such, they are an essential part of our business. Our aim is to find out what is realistically possible from them and then work together to achieve this. Sometimes circumstances outside of our control means a change and we try to be as flexible and accommodating as we can so we can each achieve our objectives.

  • Obsolescence Management System

    Once a prototype of a tailored product has been made and it has been tested by each of the appropriate test houses for EMC, shock, vibration etc and it meets all compliance targets then it can be manufactured to an identical specification. However, any change in component or spec can alter the characteristics of the product and render the product non compliant to the original certification and new testing may need to instructed. Our objective is to avoid any change of component but in some cases, depending on the certification requirement, there is scope for this to happen and our knowledge of how certain components will perform helps guide the process.

    Our strict Change and Control Management System enables us to document any change, however small, and notify our customer as required. It is worth noting that commercial computer products are not subject to this strict build and build changes happen frequently depending on the production run at the time.

  • Quality Management

    The investment we made over 12 years ago in ISO 9001:2008 certified quality system provides the framework for us to confidently deliver high quality products. We do not take on anything new unless we know we can meet our stringent quality standard and this is translated to our customers receiving very reliable products with a long life expectancy.

  • Specialist knowledge

    Our knowledge of computing technologies means we are constantly evaluating new concepts and products to bring together the most suitable technology to the product design. There are many new ideas in the market at any one time and our role is to apply them in accordance of the design for our customer.

  • International Procurement

    The components we use varies widely from custom made bespoke items through to industrial and standard parts. Many of these are sourced from around the world and our logistics team manage all shipping and importation paperwork, customs clearances, currency etc. Our understanding of this process ensures components are delivered without excessive delay.

  • Experienced and Competent

    In addition to the vast knowledgebase the company has built over many years as a result of the many products they have designed and built we also have an excellent understanding of what our customers require when we are discussing the specialised products we manufacture. The time scales are typically lengthy due to the requirement for the testing of prototypes and we help guide our customers through this process

  • Experience and Professional

    At the core of our company is our desire to be professional at all times and coupled with the combined experience of the team we work hard to apply these skills at every opportunity with our customers and our partners.