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Industrial PDA

E430 Series PDA

E430 Series PDA is an enterprise-class PDA with powerful mobile computing solution. The E430 Series PDA brings a new level of flexibility, functionality and rugged design to pocket-sized mobile devices, providing task workers and managers with the power to streamline business processes, increasing productivity and improving customer service.

The E430 packs WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, and WWAN function─all into a single device. With great mutiple wireless communicate design, this product will be applicable to mobile worker, business application, and IT requirements.

Designed for efficiency

  • User replaceable battery design with latch system for continual field use
  • Brilliant 4.3-inch multi touch screen
  • Lightweight portability at just 260g
  • Multiple I/O Ports
  • Built for rugged environments
  • Android 4.2(E430RM4 Series)
  • Microsoft® Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 Windows CE 6.0 (Optional for E430T/RT Series)

C350 Series PDA

C350 Series PDA is an compact-class PDA with powerful mobile computing solution. The C350 Series PDA Embedded with TI Cortex A8 processor, this 3.5″ panel supporting 240×320 resolution allows users to carry it around easily while working inside and outside office. Its strong mobility is presented in equipping with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and optional 3G module.


  • 3.5″ LED resistive touch panel with stylus
  • Toughness in harsh condition(IP54 design)
  • Build-In 21-Key-Mobile alphanumeric keypad with LED backlight
  • Multi-functional design for Barcode Reader 1D / 2D(Optional) and RFID
  • Build-In WiFi / Bluetooth, Optional 3G / GPS for Wireless communication
  • Ultra-Light with Hand strap to firmly grasp the device with hand (Optional)
  • 5Mega-pixel camera with LED for Image Capture(Alternative of RFID)
  • Support OS WEH 6.5 / Windows CE 6.0

S430T2 / S430M4 Series PDA

The S430M4 and S430T2 model shown here actually represents the second generation of the device. In the S430M4, A 1.5GHz Quad Core Cortex A7 processor has replaced the 1GHz Cortex A8 processor of the (S430T) original version. RAM memory has doubled to 1GB, and users now get the 16GB storage via eMMC. Most importantly, the new S430M4 is based on the Android 4.2 which offers user interface improvements. Depending on the intended use, optional industrial grade 1D/2D barcode and RFID reader can be fit in this device.


  • High brightness 480 x 800 LED display
  • Projected Capacitive Touch
  • Embedded with Micro SD card slot
  • Designed for IP67 Dust & Water Protection
  • Compliant with MIL-STD 810G Standard
  • Support 1D / 2D Barcode reader and RFID reader at the same time (Optional)
  • Default 3G Module