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Market Sectors

Our specialist knowledge of the tailored products we design and build means we are able to support customers in many niche applications across many markets. It is often possible to use an existing product and apply this to a new application and this can be a very cost effective solution as there is no need for expensive new testing and certification.

However, very often a more specific product is required, for example, to integrate into existing equipment, and we are happy to help design a new product as is required by our customers.

Primary Networks Defence Sectors


Primary Networks have been proud to supply this market sector for many years. Traditionally custom made bespoke systems were made for military applications but our experience in the defence markets is that there is an inclination towards COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) solutions but in many cases this is seldom a realistic option. There are numerous reasons for this including the demands placed on the product, the harsh working environment and the strict certification and compliance demanded.

We supply our products into several Navy’s around the world and we have an excellent track record.

Our solution has always been to look at industrial based products which offer a longer product life and thus meaning there are less changes required for software and peripherals. This is confirmed by the many customers who seek our products and advice.

Primary Networks Security Sectors


Today, there seems to be an element of convergence between both the defence and the security market sectors as many of the requirements are similar and so there is a degree of overlap. The growing trend towardscloud based applications is bringing about major change in the way networks are bring structured. As a result, organisations are looking at ways to reshape their security perimeters to protect their data.

However, there is still some confusion around defining what organisations need to do to stay secure and by using specialist hardware and software solutions then Primary Networks can play a key role.


In many manufacturing facilities throughout the world there is an ever increasing use of computers in some form or other. Automated product lines require more specialised types of computer and our knowledgebase has enabled us to supply and design products to help our customers. Often the environment is hostile or challenging and so very specific IT products need to be deployed.

The security needed to separate one process from another can also be important and our experience on the Defence and Maritime sector means we understand these challenges.

From thin client to thick client units, bespoke racks or ruggedized, shock proof or sealed units, we can usually help.

Low power consumption and small footprint both contribute to easy integration and options for mounting and stacking units in any orientation makes it easy to incorporate into the process control system.

Primary Networks Oil and Gas Sectors

Oil and gas

The oil and gas industry benefits our lives in many ways. Its products underpin modern society, supplying energy to many industries. However, the extraction and processing side means products have to survive harsh environments and extreme conditions whilst delivery exceptional reliability. Our rugged and extensively tested product range are designed for such environments and offer cost effective long term solutions.


The demanding environmental constraints which apply to the maritime industry means products must be robust and reliable. From our power systems to our computers, our products have been designed specifically to be of high quality manufacture, rugged as well as comply with safety and maritime standards.

Space saving is always a consideration and so our products are always designed with this in mind and all our computer products are of a compact size with minimal footprint for easy integration. Our racks are made so they can be assembled quickly on site whilst still retaining important features such as shock and vibration.


The production and distribution of energy relies heavily on reliable computer equipment and the highly reliable, compact computers we offer can be easily integrated or be stand-alone and they will all run a wide range of applications.

The small footprint yet excellent performance means this rugged computer has many applications from control rooms to offshore installations. Solar and wind power turbines are well suited where complex monitoring or communication function in a more hostile environment or a ‘fit and forget’ solution is required.

Applications are widespread in this market but typically will include areas such as upstream generation plants, production, process automation, measurement and control as well as laboratories and test facilities.

Owing to the long life of our products and the long and extended support we offer, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is kept low and there is no need to constantly upgrade and change. This makes us the ideal choice for the oil and gas industries, water treatment and electricity generation companies.