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Legacy hardware and end of life products

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Have a part that is broken and can't find a replacement?
Can't accept an alternative other than the same part?

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Legacy hardware and end of life products

Working in the defense market for the last 25 years has given us a huge understanding of the importance of the need to keep IT systems operational for as long as possible. But this is equally applicable to the other sectors we serve to include commercial shipping, energy and automation. And when a product needs to be replaced then in many cases the latest offering may not be suitable due to the software builds, approved drivers, compatibility with existing hardware, physical mounting or enclosure limitations etc and in these cases then an identical product must be found.

We offer a comprehensive product finding service and offer flexible contracts which provides for the necessary response time, dedicated contact and price levels which are required.

Key features

  • Utilise our massive database of trusted partners and suppliers to help locate the exact product.
  • Cross reference product codes to other part numbers of the same product.
  • Advise customer of successful location of
    If product is located outside of of the uk handle all freight ,customs clearance landing costs etc (in currency etc)
  • Customer is quoted fixed price in GBP so no need for concern for exchange rate fluctuation or importation costs etc.
  • Product is thoroughly checked, examined and tested by our engineers ensuring any accessories are included which were originally ordered.
  • The warranty period is confirmed and starts on date of shipment to customer. If warranty needs to be extended then this option is available.
  • In the unlikely event of a return during the warranty period then PNP handle the entire process.


  • Cost effective method for finding specific parts.
  • Free up your staff and time and use our resource.
  • Massive database of suppliers to use.
  • Get the right replacement part and avoid expensive software or hardware changes to your existing system.