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Coming soon !
Release date not yet confirmed.

The physical form, fit and function of the ZX12 will be identical to the ZX7 and ZX5.
The caddies are backwards compatible with the ZX7.
The hole positions are the same for the stack mounts and the angle mounts. This means mounts can be used between the ZX7 and the ZX12.
The ZX12 is anticipated to have an i5 processor for faster performance plus optional PCIe NVMe and/or SATA 2.5” SSD.
The power supply will be slightly larger in size due to a more powerful motherboard and processor.
Road map – dependant on Intel’s CPU roadmap decisions, the expected availability of the ZX12 is currently 8 to 10 years.
Testing – the ZX12 will be tested to UK Defence Standards and European standards.
Shock and vibration standards as per previous Louvar ZX7.