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The IT market is constantly evolving and new products and technologies appear at a rapid pace. In our quest for innovation and design we constantly evaluate and review these and determine how and where we can incorporate these into current and future products.

The delivery of demonstrable benefits combined with meeting strict test and compliance standards is our main objective.

“Our sizeable knowledgebase in this field provides our customers with a comprehensive technical capability at multiple levels.”

  • Experienced and Competent

    The team has built up a vast knowledgebase over many years as a result of the many products they have designed and built.

  • Custom sizes

    In most cases, a bespoke size is more appropriate and this is quite typical. Sometimes the chassis is not a regular shape either as we can design around other components if an integral part of another system.

  • Compliance with standards and directives

    Working with independent test houses we design our products to meet EMC, DefStan Tempest etc standards which, once they achieve the standard, are verified and certified.

  • Test certificates

    Some customers require each machine to be individually tested and have an individual certificate stating the serial number and this can be arranged.

  • EMC compliance

    Our knowledgebase and experience enables us to design our products around our understanding of the selected components to ensure we are compliant in all areas of the standard.

  • Manufacturing Capability

    Every product is built to the same high specification and fully tested before release. Our trained operators specialise in key skills areas such as wiring, assembly, electronics, testing etc.

  • Shock and vibration

    A highly specialised area and one we have dealt in for many years. Our products are typically tested to levels in excess of what they will be used for in the field but, when the time comes, and they are exposed to such forces, then we know how the product will perform under these conditions.

  • Thermal management and power considerations

    Larger processors draw more power and hence produce more heat. In such small footprint machines this is a challenge and so we design our products to take airflow and power needs into consideration. Our mini range of ultra small footprint machines have an option of a fully sealed unit for “fit and forget” environments.

  • Assembly and Production

    We use a carefully planned production method involving many sub assemblies which come together as one by our trained operatives. By closely working with procurement for key components the deliveries are tailored so we offer a flexible build which makes us very efficient for large volumes orders. Likewise, lower numbers or batches are easy to manage as well.

  • Consistency of build

    Every product is built by trained operatives and checked and rechecked at every stage. As each product is identically built there is no margin for variation and each one is tested on the bench by running a series of key tests to ensure every product is working 100%.

  • System component build lockdown so all systems identical

    Typically in defence applications, an identical build is imperitive from the first machine to the ten thousandth as a change in component can invalidate the test and product compliance. We are expert in this field and our procurement process ensures we always deliver.

  • Power Source Options

    Many of our products can be adapted to work with DC power supplies or mains AC as well as offering protection from fluctuations as required.

  • Soak test / burn-in test

    Every product is subject to extensive testing before it leaves our factory and only when it has passed all tests will it be released. Additional longer burn-in tests are available if required.

  • CAD and modelling

    Our CAD operators work with the engineering team to create designs which are used to create the prototypes. The final drawings are used by the metal fabricators to create the final chassis and critical metal components.

  • System Configuration and Set up

    We offer facilities to load BIOS settings, set clock times, thermal limits etc at the time of manufacture as well as bespoke labelling or packaging.

  • Project Management

    Every build has a dedicated Project Management team who oversee every aspect of the build and work closely with the individual areas as well as procurement to ensure all components are delivered in a timely fashion.

  • Quality Management

    Our ISO 9001 quality system is referenced at every point to ensure we are compliant with our own internal processes as well as ensuring the highest build quality.

  • After Warranty Support and Spares

    Support is offered by various methods, ie support lines, help desks, on site teams and this is dependant on which partner, if any, we are working with. In all cases, spares are held typically for 5 to 7 years and these may be on site or off site in either whole unit spares or individual components.

  • Longevity

    All our products are to offer exceptional longevity and our customers use us for this reason as it means they have minimal downtime, a long operating life and a very low TCO (Total Cost of Operation). We hold spares typically for a minimum of 5 to 7 years so we can continue to service the product in the field for many years.

  • Designed Packaging

    All products are packed with the environmental impact as a key consideration as to how the packaging can be reused or recycled. Packaging is designed to be kept to a minimum whilst at the same time it must ensure that the product must arrive safely and undamaged. Heavy items such as the PT series power trays utilise lifting handles as part of the packaging.

  • Materials trace, complete component and system trace

    We track every component so a full audit trail is available at all times. Each individual component has a unique serial number and a log of these is listed against each products serial number.

  • High reliability

    Our products are built to be highly reliable and offer exceptional longevity. Our customers use us for this reason as it means they have minimal downtime, a long operating life and a very low TCO (Total Cost of Operation).