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Rugged tablet and PDA

Rugged tablet and PDA

Industrial PDARugged tablet PC’sUltra Rugged Tablet 4.3' Industrial PDA (E430 Series) E430RM4 (Android 4.2) E430T/RT (Win CE 6.0) E430T/RT (WEH 6.5) 9.7' Rugged Tablet PC (M970D) 13.3' Ultra Rugged Tablet (M133 Series) 4.3' Industrial PDA (S430T2/S430M4) S430M4 (Android 4.2) S430T2-M (WEH 6.5) S430T2-C (Win CE 6.0) 10.1' Rugged Tablet PC (M101 Series) M101B - (BayTrail/Win) [...]


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