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Multi-touch Panel PC (Panel mount type)

P-Cap Series is a multi-touch series with a high degree of accuracy, crystal clear resolution and exquisite design. P-Cap Series transforms the way you deal with the information around you. It enables you to communicate, present, comprehend and interpret abundant data in an entirely new, hands-on way. It’s also ideal for both presentations and creative, collaborative multi-user environments.

Multi-touch Panel PC (Panel Mount type)
  • Exquisite design and crystal clear resolution.
  • P-cap touch is user-friendly and resistant to scratches.
  • Supports finger movements and specific gestures.
  • Front IP65 water splash and outer dust proof.
  • Suitable for industrial control systems, home automation, management systems, and self-service KIOSKs.
P-Cap Panel Mount PPC (Haswell i5) Multi-touch panel PC