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Louvar ZX3-D

PN Louvar ZX3-D v3

Louvar ZX3-D | Naval computers

The Louvar is the ideal solution, built for a purpose, with consistency of quality and delivery, at a cost-effective price point.

The Louvar series is designed for a specific task; it meets all environmental testing requirements and has a longer production life owing to higher quality selected components which are available for many years longer than commercial components.


On board Naval ships or submarines.Land based secure applications

Commercial shipping needing secure and ruggedised computers

Land cruising / safari

Land / sea endurance situations

 Military vehicles or mobile units in the field


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  Designed for a harsh environment with strict defence and environmental testing in mind

Compact size with small footprint, around the size of an A4 piece of paper and only 3 inches high

Fast processing thanks to a powerful Intel processor

EMC tested to defence standard EN55022:2010

DEF STAN, MIL STD and Tempest tested approved products available so secure network can run on NATO Secret information systems

Stackable or rackmount versions

Rugged design and chassis construction ensures it is strong and robust – all steel chassis, welded seams and unique (lockable) sliding interlocking lid

Shock and vibration tested to meet Naval and Defence standards

Long life expectancy with virtually zero failures, offers excellent Return on Investment (ROI)

Supports Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems as well as Linux. Dedicated software can be quickly and easily loaded

Rackmount kit_Louvar Series ZX3
Vertical slip case_Louvar_Series_ZX3
Mobile applications_Louvar_Series_ZX3

 1. Rackmount kit – allows one to two Louvars with optional KVM switch to be mounted in a cabinet.

2.Rackmount drawer, screen and keyboard – to work in conjunction with the Rackmount kit. 

3. Mounting brackets/Deskmount kits – these brackets enable the Louvar to be securely fixed to a desk or wall in a horizontal or vertical plane.

Mounting brackets can be colour coded to match the machine or painted a different colour (up to 12 colours available). Each bracket set comes complete with fixing screws kit and instructions.

4. Stacking kits – these brackets allow multiple Louvars to be stacked horizontally or vertically and offer a compact space saving solution whilst offering a strong physical mounting.

5. Vertical slip case – offers a secure permanent mounting to desk but offers easy removal of Louvar as required.

6. ISS (Integrated Safety System) – custom made and fully shock tested safety containment system allows maximum crew protection. The Louvar becomes an integral part of a whole system which includes key components such as KVM switch, keyboard, mouse and screen. Up to two Louvars can be mounted. Offers a fast and convenient method of installation with easy secure fixings.

7. Tamperproof security screw fixings – use with any of the mountings. Manufactured in stainless steel, alloy or case hardened steel, offer strength for high security applications. A custom key is cut to a unique specification allowing screws to be power driven when installing. The screw design means it repels all security bit tips and vice grips.

8. Mobile applications – supported using optional WLan support with antenna enables GPS and Sat Nav software to provide a truly ruggedized mobile solution, ideal for emergency services and military vehicles. Software packages available for specific purposes.

9. Fibre connection upgrade – from standard 100FX fiber port to Gigabit (1000FX fiber port) to give faster transfer of secure information and reduce delays on high volume data or large file sizes.

10. Individual key coding – available for each machine can be made unique to each machine, or coded for a specific zone or location or vessel etc. (the standard configuration offered is that each machine will have all the keys the same).

11. Secure encrypted USB ports – allow authorised users only on specific machines.

12. Extra mounting security – using secure lock and cable to bolt to desk or bulkhead to protect other associated equipment as well.

13. Storage media – hard drive or solid state drive (SSD) – various sizes available.

14. Screens, keyboards, mice, cables and KVM switches – can be integrated into a comprehensive tested solution as required.

15. Ports disabled – selected ports may be secured, disabled or blanked.

16. Choice of 12 colours available – including light gray for the British Royal Navy.

Choice of 12 colours_Series_ZX3_Louvar ZX3-D v3
Individual key coding_Louvar_Series_ZX3
Extra mounting security_Louvar_Series_ZX3
PN Louvar ZX3-D_specifiction
To find out more about this product, or if you wish to discuss a new design or application, please contact us.
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To find out more about this product, or if you wish to discuss a new design or application, please contact us.