Defence Certified Computers
Primary Network Products (UK) Limited

Design, manufacture, test and install specialised computing and power control products for the Navy.

Our products are designed to be rugged and reliable for operating in harsh environments.  Built to meet the rigorous standards required by the defence industry to include shock,  vibration, EMC,  DefStan,  MIL-STD and Tempest. Products are designed and built to customers exact requirements and all products are built for longevity in the field.

Primary Networks Group - Our History

Primary Networks has a long history with its origins going back some 30 years when it was an internal division of ICL based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire at ICL’s building known as STE04 with expertise in networking hardware and early platforms. Known as Network Products, the division it provided all the network capability for ICL/Fujitsu and was regarded as the main resource for the company specialised in highly technical projects where a thorough understanding of early network hardware with unfriendly interfaces was required and much of the work centred around defence related customers and partners.

In 1997 the division was purchased by Stordata plc who merged the business into their successful network storage business Primary Storage based in Telford and so Network Products was renamed as Primary Networks.

The senior management at Primary Networks realised the full potential of the division and in 2001 there was a Management Buy Out (MBO) and the company was in private ownership for the first time. The company became very focussed on supporting defence partners with the project management of large volume roll out projects for hardware and, specifically, the build of specialised PC’s for defence environments.

The company continued to develop expertise in the defence and maritime sectors and quickly moved on to designing, manufacturing and testing products which it sells to Navy’s around the world. In addition, it offers specialist consultancy support to companies involved in design and test including areas such as shock, vibration, EMC filtration and power filtration, Tempest and DefStan. Today the company is a well-respected and highly regarded company associated with manufacturing high quality products.