Defence Certified Computers
Primary Network Products (UK) Limited


Soak test / burn-in test

Every product is subject to extensive testing before it leaves our factory and only when it has passed all tests will it be released. Additional longer burn-in tests are available if required.

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Project Management

Every build has a dedicated Project Management team who oversee every aspect of the build and work closely with the individual areas as well as procurement to ensure all components are delivered in a timely fashion.

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CAD and modelling

Our CAD operators work with the engineering team to create designs which are used to create the prototypes. The final drawings are used by the metal fabricators to create the final chassis and critical metal components.

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Test certificates

Some customers require each machine to be individually tested and have an individual certificate stating the serial number and this can be arranged.

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Quality Management


Our ISO 9001 quality management system is referenced at every point to ensure we are compliant with our own internal processes as well as ensuring the highest build quality.

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